Our ‘Defrost Christmas’ card: the techie ‘How it was made’ bit

Defrost Christmas Fox Parrack Singapour interactive card

Here’s Wayne on how we made our interactive ‘Defrost Christmas’ card…

“So basically we took a mouse trail – something that replicates the mouse’s movement across the screen to leave a trail behind it – and converted it to work within the (inverted) image. We set fade and touchpoint parameters, made it touch-enabled, and responsive for all screen sizes. The ‘refreezing’ was tweaked in the Java script. We did some user testing to get the ‘refreeze’ time delay just right – quicker was too frustrating, slower was less sticky.”

Simples. Apparently. (Actually, the really difficult bit was getting a decent screenshot of the thing.)

Enjoy. And have an absolutely brilliant Christmas.