B2B brand strategy pays off. (Phew!)


I’ve been frustrated lately with constant reference in the B2B marketing community to how B2C out-performs and out-innovates B2B.

So, it was music to our ears to hear about this research from brand strategy consultants, Spencer Brenneman, who show just how well B2B brand work is paying off: their recent survey of 150 B2B marketing executives shows that over 82% of the organisations that increased their brand strategy spending profited from the exercise.

We’ve been preaching this for some time ourselves, having refined our Breakthrough strategy programme over the last few years. And we’ve seen at first hand the positive results that B2B tech vendors can gain when they take the time to step back and reappraise their positioning and value proposition. Execution becomes more straightforward, more efficient and more effective.

In the tech arena right now, barriers to entry for new entrants are coming down so fast, and marketplaces changing so quickly, that marketing strategies need re-evaluating on a regular basis if you want to stay ahead of the game. Rather than flogging a dead horse, we’ve seen on numerous occasions how quickly some serious investigation and response to marketing opportunity can re-invigorate not just a marketing plan, but entire organisations and their salesforces. (Just ask Petrotechnics, Gigamon or IP Solutions, to name just a few).

Evidence is not hard to find in the B2C space, but research geared towards supporting B2B marketing is notoriously underfunded. So empirical evidence of the importance of strategy is great to see, as is the statistic that over 80% of respondents expect to invest more on their brand strategies in the next five years.

Here’s a link to the research. It’s free – and I’d love to hear your comments.

(First appeared on LinkedIn, Feb 2017)