Transformational marketing

Can you achieve growth without competing?

We all know how technology drives innovation to create customer value and economic opportunity.
And we all know the hyper-competitive business environment that is the result.

But what if competition wasn’t inevitable?
What if you could innovate without getting into a functionality arms race that consumes profits and slows growth?

That’s the premise of transformational marketing.


Being different beats being better

You have the ability to define your proposition so that it solves a real customer problem that no-one else has solved. And if your marketing strategy focuses on owning that problem, you are no longer trapped into following the price-and-features agenda of a pre-existing category.

So while other technologies compete relentlessly on the basis of features and price, transformational marketing focuses not on what makes you better, but what makes you different.

Marketing is no longer silo-based

Secondly, at the same time as digital disruption has forced businesses of all sizes to rethink their business models, it’s become clear that marketing can do far more than simply deliver campaigns, open rates and leads. Marketing can focus your entire organization on ensuring your success.

It’s time to embrace
transformational marketing

What customer problem can you own?

Own a customer problem and you have the freedom to define your own market category, set your own pricing – and raise the barriers to entry for any would-be competitors. You may even be lucky enough to enlist your natural competitors as partners in an ecosystem of your own making.

Three added benefits of transformational marketing:


When you articulate an unmet problem, you immediately create empathy with your customer.


The problem will always be far more easily understood than your (potentially highly complex) solution, giving you the opportunity to talk to people at every level of the customer organization.


By owning the problem, you gain the customer’s attention before they even begin searching for solutions. By owning the problem, you are the solution.

While it may sound easy, defining a problem that’s meaningful to a sufficiently large group of potential customers can be quite a challenge. But get it right and your ‘story’ becomes immediately compelling to investors, analysts, employees and customers before you even begin to develop any classic marketing material.

Aligning your business vision with your systems, processes and people

Exploiting a market opportunity is no longer purely a ‘marketing’ function: the entire organization needs to be involved. By breaking through siloes, transformational marketing achieves a total focus on the objective. It also enables emerging business to disrupt the status quo, dominate the competitive landscape and erect effective barriers to category contenders of any size.


This kind of transformational marketing makes it possible to identify the best opportunities and places to connect with customers – even when that’s beyond the usual scope of marketing and marketing technology. Ultimately, the customer benefits from a 360-degree customer experience, from website to sales to product to customer service.

The ingredients of transformational marketing

Getting it right takes a unique set of experience and skills. Part business strategy, part brand planning, part employee engagement, part outside-the-box creativity. And they all need to focus relentlessly on developing your vision… before you begin to think about comms plans and technologies. But the result is authentic, sustainable differentiation that’s embedded throughout the business – and that ensures that investors, analysts, employees and customers know exactly what you’re all about.