Demand gen campaign
Xerox Centralized Print Services

The Challenge

A new Xerox service makes it possible to embed personalisation into any medium – email, online, mobile and video – pushing up CRM engagement by up to 400%.

By using Xerox’s new service to dramatise their centralised print services offering, we aimed to create a best-practice standard – while also showing that Xerox isn’t just about printers anymore.

The Breakthrough

Aimed at senior marketers, our lead nurturing campaign shows exactly what multichannel personalisation is all about. It kicks off with an email that shows a parcel, addressed to you, being delivered to your office. Clicking on it takes you to a personalised online portal that ingeniously demolishes the barriers between hard copy and digital. And as you’ll see, the parcel becomes fully real later on in the campaign.

The Results

First results showed an open rate of 32%… and a 16% clickthrough rate. Compared to the clickthrough average of 3.5%, it immediately proves our claim of a 400% increase in engagement.

The campaign also proved a winner at the 2015 B2B Awards, winning Runner-Up in the category ‘Best Corporate Decision Maker Targeted Campaign’.

Get a taste of extreme personalisation here – although, to prevent a potentially unlimited back-end bill for our client, you’ll need to pretend you’re Joe Finn of Fox Parrack Singapour (not altogether a bad thing, according to Joe).