Social media campaign

The Challenge

Out of every five Cisco solutions sold throughout EMEAR, distributors sell four of them.

Cisco wanted to recognise and reward the hard work this group put in – and at the same time, spur them on to even greater things – with the incentive of a trip to the Seychelles.

The Breakthrough

To get this busy, hard-to-reach audience to live, breathe and eat the brand, the destination was only part of the solution.

The journey was the real key. And Twitter would be the vehicle.

So we scoped out an interactive five-month journey, based around a treasure trove of outrageous travel-themed content. Visual riddles to unravel. Tongue twisters to tangle with. Paper planes to launch. Water balloons to toss. Irreverent animated videos to share. And worlds more.

In short, five months of hoops, hurdles and entertainment – all fed through Twitter and eagerly consumed, mutated and fed back by our fantastically game audience.

The Results

‘Wish You Were Here 2015’ took off like a Seychelles-bound jumbo jet.

We started the campaign without a social presence of any kind. We ended it with a legion of lively, loyal followers – tweeting their digital hearts out and inspiring real sales growth.

When Cisco ran the numbers – then double- and triple-checked them – they found that our socially-driven campaign was responsible for a substantial growth in sales.

Wish you were here?

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