From excellence l∞p to a steeper sales curve

The opportunity

If you want to know why your favourite soft drink always looks and tastes the way you expect it to, day after week after year, it’s probably because of InfinityQS’s quality-control solution.

Their solutions prevent worldwide bacterial epidemics, keep planes in the sky and make sure that when you buy chocolate chip ice cream, there really are chocolate chips in it.

But now, in our big data world, they wanted to tell the C-suite how much extra value they could extract from their production line data – data that could be employed to transform productivity as well as quality.

The Breakthrough

The quality loop is a familiar concept in the manufacturing world. But our way of reinventing it makes it a massively ownable property for InfinityQS, and instantly depicts how they help to drive continuous quality improvement.

And defining the result as excellence puts InfinityQS in a class of their own.

But the real fun was in making InfinityQS’s customers the heroes – and showing how they could take ownership of the ‘excellence l∞p’.

The result is a campaign that can run and run infinitely.


In the year after the new brand launch:

  • The sales pipeline attracted quadruple the number of qualified, enterprise prospects
  • Traditionally the worst quarter, Q3 2016 gross sales were up 35% over 2015
  • 2016 total YoY growth (22%) = the second highest in 30 years
  • An additional 100 orders closed in 2016
  • InfinityQS doubled the number of cloud licenses
  • The two-year-old EMEA sales team posted 102% year-on-year growth
  • Q1 2017 up 26.5%: their best first quarter ever


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