Web design
TMF and the Global Reach Challenge

The Challenge

TMF are the people you call when you want to open up in Jakarta or Lima and you need to outsource your HR, payroll, accountancy and all the local red tape to local experts. Heck, TMF are the people other outsourcing agencies outsource to. Being such global pioneers, it was only natural that they decided to get behind Sir Ranulph Fiennes’s attempt to finish off the world’s highest peaks (having done the poles and Everest already).

The Breakthrough

When we were asked to design a microsite for the Global Reach Challenge, we thought it would be fun to help visitors get some idea of what each climb was like. In addition to viewing photos and videos, we wanted to let you actually interact with each route. So, through the magic of Google Earth, we created step-by-step tours of each mountain, which you can enjoy here. (If you enjoy the site, why not donate a few pounds to the Marie Curie fund while you’re there?)

Disclaimer: if you’re planning to climb any of these routes yourself, you might want to take a proper guide.