Taking ownership of a $20bn problem
Winner of ‘Overall Marketing Campaign of the Year’ at the Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards, 2017.

The brand

Since the 1988 Piper Alpha tragedy (167 lives lost in a North Sea conflagration), Aberdeen-based Petrotechnics has been on a mission to keep people safe in the oil and gas industry. Their original innovation was the first tech-enabled safety monitoring system for the industry, and it’s prevented untold numbers of accidents to date.

But safety and productivity have always had an uneasy relationship. And the embattled oil and gas industry is now under more pressure than ever to cut costs. Can it be done without compromising safety?

Enter Petrotechnics’ latest innovation. Now, on three simple screens, everyone from the boardroom to the frontline can see their entire operational reality, in real time. They can see the knock-on effects of any action and simulate the outcomes of different decisions. The result? More effective ‘wrenchtime’, more equipment uptime, improved safety… and significantly lower costs.

The marketing challenge? While the company had great relationships at the operational level, potential buyers of the new technology are in the C-suite – and had never heard of Petrotechnics.

The breakthrough

Our strategic idea was to make Petrotechnics the flagbearer for Operational Excellence, a high-level issue which industry analysts EY believe could save the oil and gas industry around $30 billion over the next five years. With Petrotechnics it’s no longer just a dream, with Petrotechnics, “Excellence is now operational.”

And creatively? Visit an oil town like Aberdeen and you’ll feel the trauma caused by thousands of lay-offs. Our creative strategy was to respond directly to that emotion, making the new Petrotechnics solution a rallying point for people at every level within the industry.

Contentwise? More passion. Backing up the billboards, press, digital and social ads is – among other things – a series of engrossing videos delivered by Petrotechnics CEO Phil Murray, whose depth of feeling for the security and success of the hazardous industries couldn’t be more apparent.


Our lead client called the re-launch experience “truly transformative”. And just one week after launch, Petrotechnics was already talking with “five to six CEOs from some of the biggest companies”. Feedback from other Petrotechnics staffers explained why: “It’s made a big difference being able to speak to people with a clear and concise message. This is taking us to the next level.”

And at the Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards, a panel of top marketers judged the campaign to be “The Overall Marketing Campaign of the Year”.

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