Integrated campaign

The Brand

If you have a big old lumbering legacy mainframe, you’d be tempted to chuck it out and replace it with a rack of the latest hotswappable blades.

Or you could get Microfocus to rejuvenate it with their slightly magical software – and get it to perform in ways it was never originally designed to do.

The Breakthrough

We found a retired circus elephant and spent unimaginable amounts of time and effort training her up with the help of truckloads of peanuts. And in a heartrending comeback story, ‘Alfie’ pulled off an incredible acrobatic routine on a specially built trampoline.

The other two animals were Photoshopped.

Alfie then suffered a minor injury while practising her ‘trunk-stand’ routine for the sales kick-off event, and a life-sized model had to be constructed in just days.

Sadly, Alfie is now almost completely blind and refuses to leave her caravan in Solihull. Microfocus, on the other hand, goes on to ever-greater glories, a major UK tech success story.

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