It’s only complicated on the inside.

Sequel’s big idea

In an industry that still works on clunky, spread-sheet-style software, Sequel’s rocking the boat with user-friendly GUIs and god-like dashboards. The only problem was that the Sequel Claims interface is so advanced that it can only be shown to pre-screened, NDA-signing customers. How could we communicate its simplicity and power without actually showing it?

Our big idea

In an industry that’s awash with pictures of bridges and skyscrapers, we decided to show something less expected. Our concepts exhibit elegance and intelligence, inferring benefits without having to demonstrate them. The effect is of supreme confidence in a product that’s clearly different from the norm.

In addition, we couldn’t resist presenting a rather cheeky strapline: ‘Not all insurance software is created Sequel’.

It’s time to shrink your paper problem.
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