Tactical campaign
IP Solutions

IP Solutions’s big idea

IP Solutions sells cloud-based telephony solutions to mid-size companies. Their sales pitch isn’t so much what the hardware and software can do: rather, it’s about what the customers do – and how a cunningly bespoke combination of technology and services could help them do it better. While our competitors sell tech, they say, we sell ‘alchemy’.

We’d actually already been briefed to come up with refreshed branding and comms to reflect all of that. But in the meantime, could we please put together a quick tactical campaign to suggest to anyone currently in the market for hosted telephony that they shouldn’t make a decision before talking to IP Solutions?

Our big idea

We needed to create the perception that the telephony decision maker hadn’t done all the due diligence they needed to yet. So we created a subtly branded microsite called dontmakethewrongcall.com and some imagery illustrating the dire consequences of making a rash telephony decision. The meat on the hook was an ebook that laid out the pitfalls in a refreshingly honest way.

A mixture of LinkedIn ads, keyword advertising and emails drew IT decision makers to the microsite. And the entertainingly informative microsite and ebook told them that (1) more fact-finding might be a good idea, and (2) IP Solutions looked like they could be good people to do business with.

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