Brand re-launch
IP Solutions

IP Solution’s big idea

IP Solutions was one of the original providers of hosted telephony and its ‘Born in the cloud’ branding reflected that. But in a market that’s become rife with subtracted-value, cost-per-kit clamour, IP Solutions now offers much, much more. While others simply sell tech, IP Solutions sells companies cunning ways to use that tech – to transform the way they interact with their customers and employees.

It’s a kind of alchemy that provides far more than ‘the sum of the parts’. But how to communicate it?

Our big idea

In the end, our campaign is surprisingly simple. Contrasting unprepossessing images with empowering headlines, it shows how an inspired combination of tech and intelligence can help companies become ‘business brilliant’. And our new logo for IP Solutions adds another dimension, ‘showing’ how the ideal solution can ‘come together’ from apparently disparate parts.

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