Brand development

The Challenge

In a digitally disrupted retail landscape, shopping centre owners have to make big, multi-million dollar decisions on a regular basis: How to optimise their mix of retail, food and entertainment? How to compete with other consumer attractions? Refurbish, renovate or build new?

Path Intelligence had the idea to offer shopping centre owners the unique ability to (anonymously) track mobile, WiFi and Bluetooth signals – providing an unparalleled level of visibility into shopper behaviour. Where shoppers go, what they do there, how long they spend there, and what they do next.

But could we get the attention of sceptical shopping centre owners, who distrust traditional headcount analytics and prefer to go with instinct and gut feel?

The Breakthrough

We came up with a smart, joined-up solution that spanned rebranding, website design and creative concepts for direct mail, trade press and events.

  • Our unconventional logo design references the extra data points used by Path Intelligence and delivers standout identity in any medium.
  • Our positioning statement, ‘Decision science’, distances Path from the less scientific competition.

And our creative executions offer them certainty in the stress-soaked situations when they need it most, based on the brand promise, ‘Certain changes everything’.


In the months directly after the relaunch, Path Intelligence saw a 3-fold increase in pipeline depth and their best sales quarter ever.

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