Inbound marketing campaign

The Challenge

Over a hundred years or so, LexisNexis had established themselves as the leading go-to for all things legal and accounting – like a Google for lawyers and accountants.

Our goal was to reinforce LexisNexis as the legal world’s thought leader, create an instantly recognisable brand identity, and drive traffic to the most relevant pages on LexisNexis’s vast online offering.

The Breakthrough

To demonstrate how well our client understood their market, we had to get right inside the mind of the lawyer: guardians of obscure legal lore that outsiders struggle to comprehend, ruthlessly critical professionals who pride themselves on their knowledge, intelligence and skill with words.

Our idea was to create a headline-driven campaign that speaks directly to this elite audience on their own level and in their own words – and has a lot of fun doing so.

Used primarily as online banners, these headlines have also appeared in posters, event collateral, print advertising and across social media. See a small sample alongside.

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