Out of the shadows for a billion-dollar breakthrough
  • Created a new cybersecurity sub-category
  • Rallied the industry behind our #wefightsmart movement
  • Urban camouflage concept dominated events, media and social media
  • Helped take Gigamon to 40%+ growth and $billion valuation

The opportunity

Gigamon was well known for their network diagnostics tools. Then they realised that they could be repurposed to spot potentially malicious code – in real time. With a survey of 1,200 enterprises showing that 97% had had a security breach – and that it took an average of 180 days for the malware to be detected – Gigamon’s opportunity was enormous.

The challenge? While the cybersecurity sector was growing rapidly, Gigamon was completely unknown in this sector. While their original solutions sold to sysadmins, they now needed to target everyone answerable for data security, including CISOs, CIOs and CEOs.

The breakthrough

It was vital that Gigamon wasn’t simply seen as ‘another cybersecurity provider’. The way forward: category creation. By launching ‘the first Security Delivery Platform’, Gigamon could make the point that effective security was no longer about the right point solution, but about the right ecosystem – of which Gigamon was the foundation.

Internal presentations got the workforce, salesforce and analysts firmly behind Gigamon’s new direction. And to kick off the media campaign, Gigamon went to Wall Street in force to ring the opening bell at the NYSE. On the same day, Wall Street Journal cover wraps carried Gigamon’s new #wefightsmart manifesto – supported by many of the leading cybersecurity brands.

The media rollout? We desperately needed to avoid the cybersecurity clichés of padlocks, swirling data, space invader-style bugs, and hackers in hoodies. Instead, we annexed the popular ‘urban camouflage’ meme. We hired the world’s top bodypainter and created a series of highly arresting images of hackers trying – and failing – to hide inside corporations.


#wefightsmart was soon supported by 29 security brands, an incredible vote of confidence that provided enormous reassurance to prospective customers.

Launched at the NYSE, the new category positioning had an instant effect, amplified by online marketing, social media and events. Our bodypainting theme gave Gigamon massive standout – and at security events, people queued up to have their photos taken with camouflaged models before tweeting the results.

When we saw the tweets from Gigamon’s ecosystem, we knew the sales opportunities would follow. And they did: a total of 1,465 after the initial campaign burst alone.

Shortly after, buoyed by 40% revenue growth, Gigamon’s market cap surged through $1 billion.

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