Integrated campaign
Cybercriminals. Now there’s nowhere to hide.

The brand

Gigamon was making very clever tools that showed network admins what was really going on in their networks – and how to make them run faster and more efficiently.

Then they realised that their technology could also detect unusual network traffic in real time – and alert the enterprise’s security software to investigate further. So existing security software – which was tuned to spotting malware trying to enter the network – now had a far better view of malware which was already hiding in the network.

In a world where malware was staying undetected for an average of 180 days, it was a very big deal.

The breakthrough

It was incredibly important that Gigamon wasn’t simply seen as ‘another cybersecurity provider’. The new technology didn’t compete with other providers – it was complementary to them. So a new category was born: the Security Delivery Platform. And a campaign microsite was created to lead the entire sector with its rallying cry: www.wefightsmart.com

Next: the imagery. Cybersecurity advertising is awash with pictures of padlocks, swirling data, space invader-style bugs, and hackers in hoodies. We needed something new.

Gigamon’s technology allows you to see the hackers and malware hiding blissfully undetected in every part of your network. So we annexed the popular ‘urban camouflage’ meme, hired the services of the world’s top bodypainter, and created a series of highly arresting images: of hackers thwarted in their attempts to stay hidden.

The results

29 cyber security providers immediately got behind wefightsmart.com: an incredible vote of confidence from the industry that provided enormous reassurance to prospective customers.

Launched at the NYSE, the new category positioning had an instant effect, amplified by online marketing, social media and events. The bodypainting theme gave Gigamon massive standout – and at security events, people queued up to have their photos taken with camouflaged models before tweeting the results.

When we saw the tweets from Gigamon’s ecosystem, we knew the sales leads would follow. And they did: a total of 1,465 after the initial campaign burst alone.

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