Social media campaign
Cisco Collaboration

The Brand

Cisco leads the world in corporate collaboration technology: video, audio and text, on any device from phone screens to purpose built, immersive videoscreen-panelled rooms.

But each of their solutions requires a learning curve – and Cisco staffers were naturally more familiar with some solutions than others.

They needed some incentive to become more hands-on with the entire collaboration portfolio. That’s where we came in.

The Breakthrough

What’s more collaborative than music? Our solution was to get Cisco people together in four-member ‘bands’, then offer a juicy prize of travel vouchers to the band that came up with the best song – about collaboration, of course.

Over the course of five months, the EMEA-wide bands got together over a wide variety of collaboration gear to compose their songs, their wardrobe-malfunction media spin, their green room demands, and finally, to record their songs.

At every step, the bands tweeted their results, creating growing competition within Cisco and a mushrooming impact among their external contacts.

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