Creating brand and business breakthrough.

Are you a VC-funded tech firm?

You built your business on a brilliant innovation. You had a clear run at the market. But now? You’ve got real competition. And your cash cow could end up as someone else’s loss leader.

So now you have a new innovation with powerful growth potential. You’ve sold your investors on the need to invest in it. Now you need your team – and the market – to understand its value.

Are you a global tech brand?

The pressure’s on. The market’s changed. Your customers have new needs and are starting to look for new solutions. It’s time to self-disrupt – or self-destruct.

While you hunt for the breakthrough insight that you need to re-inspire your workforce, sales team and customers, the clock ticks. And the money tocks.

Gear up for your next phase of growth

With our extensive strategic and creative experience, and proven processes, we’ll help you to:

› Simplify and articulate your new vision – and turn it into a compelling positioning and value proposition that separates you from all competitors
› Create internal belief and commitment
› Develop your breakthrough creative property
› Engage and nurture a richer market
› Create – and sustain – real market momentum




Fox Parrack Singapour Brand Breakthrough, Prepare for Breakthrough, Petrotechnics, Excellence is now operational


See how Petrotechnics segued from selling worker safety to Operational Excellence

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Fox Parrack Singapour Brand Breakthrough, Prepare for Breakthrough, Sequel, Not all insurance software is created Sequel


See how Sequel brought data visualisation to the insurance market

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Fox Parrack Singapour Brand Breakthrough, Prepare for Breakthrough, Gigamon hidden man


See how Gigamon got 29 data security brands behind their new innovation

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Who we are

We’re a close-knit team of individuals from around the globe, with a real passion for technology and immense experience working for and on global multinationals and SMEs.


David Fox


With his unique knowledge of technology sector trends, our strategist-in...


Tim Parrack

Director of Intelligence and Insight

Our resident diplomat has been developing and implementing marketing pro...


Alistair McKechnie

Creative Director

In the wrong hands, tech marketing communication can be dry, soulless an...


Steve Jenkins

Customer Engagement Director

Steve’s genius is the ability to dive into the multiple personae of yo...


Wayne Crosby

Head of Digital

In the world of technology, it's easy to forget that our job is to make ...


Sarah Muzzelle

Human Resources

Sarah ditched her big-corporate, big-finance background for a chance to ...

What’s the difference between Fox Parrack Singapour and a traditional consultancy?

We are relentlessly market-focused. Everything we do, we do with the aim of driving sales growth for your business. So we are not primarily focused on your internal structure or processes, but with driving a successful brand reinvention and renewed growth. However, when our discovery phase reveals organisational or cultural hurdles, we work with you to resolve them.

What do you mean by a ‘breakthrough’ creative property?

It’s all about the big idea: your ultimate unfair advantage. In our opinion, ‘breakthrough’ creative is:

› Visually striking – it takes over the screen, the inbox and the page

› Powerfully emotive – while supporting a compelling rational message

› Rich enough to mine for multiple executions in any medium

We call it a ‘property’ because it’s something of real commercial value. Like Gigamon’s ‘painted man’, or Petrotechnics’ ‘Excellence is now operational’ campaign.

What are you like to work with?

We’re find new tech inspiring. And we find it enormously satisfying to help transform our clients’ fortunes. So compromise doesn’t cut it. We like to work in a real partner relationship, so be ready to have all your thinking challenged – and we certainly expect you to challenge all of ours. We’re not here to rack up meetings or powerpoints – they’re simply tools that help us get results. We work fast, we adapt to change and we get the job done.

Are you slaves to the latest fad?

No and yes. The agency was established in 1982. Long enough to ensure that we’re not swept away by the latest guru or fad. But we’ve always been pioneers: along the way we’ve launched the spreadsheet, the digital camera and the mp3 player, and we were one of the first agencies to adopt marketing automation. Also remember, in the tech world, fads can be a great (and cost-effective) way to attract early adopters – novelty is a powerful motivator. We’ve helped clients use augmented reality and Twitter with great effect. And in the research field, we believe that neuroscience is starting to put a lot more certainty into decision-making.

Are we the right size for you?

Our clients include both listed companies and sub-$100m challengers. What we’d want to know is, quite simply, is there committed investment, will we have access to the decision makers, and most important, can we make a real difference?

What if we don’t have a dedicated marketing team?

We have the experience to step in to pretty much any organisation and to assume the marketing function on a short- to medium-term basis. We can also help you find and hire the right short-term and longer-term personnel to drive your marketing efforts going forward.

Where do you operate?

We’re based in Central London, with clients anywhere from Silicon Valley to Aberdeen. London provides a vast ecosystem of marketing support innovators, an endless pipeline of tech and marketing events, plus easy commuting to almost anywhere. Quite simply, it’s the best place in the world to stay in touch with the global tech market.